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The Stadium Story

For over a decade, Graphical Nature has been at the forefront of developing stadium screen systems and innovative activations. Our journey began in the Premier League, where we pioneered the display of dynamic, data-driven content tailored to the audience, ensuring both robustness and cost-effectiveness.

By seamlessly integrating statistics and social elements into cutting-edge design, we maximise the potential of screens. Our diverse product range enhances fan engagement, facilitates impactful partner activations, provides information and emergency messaging, and is adaptable to various display mediums such as LED screens, projection surfaces, and IPTV channels.

Our synchronised systems operate seamlessly across screens of any shape and size, allowing all stadium outputs to work collaboratively for the most significant impact. This includes creating a canvas for dual-tier LED screens, offering unparalleled advertising exposure in Premier League stadiums.

We cater to different hospitality areas with alternate outputs, project content onto stadium walls, employ touchscreens for fan interaction and data gathering. Integration with stadium lighting and PA systems elevates partner activations to new heights.

Our work is regularly featured in prestigious events such as the Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, EFL, WSL, England International Football, Rugby World Cup, and eSports competitions. We have established a reputation for delivering the highest advertising exposure for partners in Premier League stadiums.

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