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Data Processing


Data Intregration

Over the last two decades, the integration of data has become indispensable across all facets of content creation and the underlying systems that propel them forward.


At Graphical Nature, we take pride in our ability to seamlessly integrate with any data feed or API encountered, ensuring access to relevant and informative content.

Recognising the unique nature of each project, we adapt our approach to data utilisation, ranging from informative to entertaining and analytical purposes. Our capacity to handle and interpret substantial volumes of data is exemplified in projects like international yacht racing, where we present real-time data from every participating boat along with live atmospheric data, offering a comprehensive view of the racing environment.

Our proficiency extends across diverse domains, having successfully integrated with Formula One data, live rugby and football data, tennis, golf, news, and elections. This ensures the delivery of the most reliable and informative content tailored to the specific needs of each project.  

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