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The Broadcast Story

Our expertise in system design and data integration traces back nearly two decades to our beginnings in the broadcast industry. Over this extensive period, operating in a high-pressure environment, Graphical Nature has been a steadfast provider of data-driven solutions and content systems to broadcasters globally. Our track record includes significant contributions to some of the most prominent global sports competitions, live elections, and, more recently, eSports, for both main channel outputs and world feeds.

The creation of content is facilitated through a real-time 3D renderer, and our control interfaces are meticulously crafted with the operator in mind. This ensures that stunning visuals can be easily triggered, even in the most intricate of show setups.


We've successfully integrated data from diverse sources, including the Olympics, governmental entities for elections, social channels, and esteemed data providers such as IBM and Opta. This integration allows for the presentation of the most accurate and engaging content in real time, optimizing the overall output.

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